Intoroads Board


Eng. Ottavia Calamani

Engineer, Functional area manager for new technology development and President of IntOroadS


Eng. Maurizio Palermo

Engineer, Business development manager and Vice President of IntOroads


Eng. Massimo Cucchietti

Engineer, Technical Manager, Project Planning, General Secretary of IntOroads

All members share IntOroadS aims and have the duty and privilege of addressing the IntOroadS policies by:

  • Approving the budgets and the financial statements
  • Approving the objectives and the programs of the association
  • Participating the scheduled meetings in order to share proposals and be updated about work in progress
  • Appointing the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors acts as follows:

  • Implements initiatives proposed by members and defines strategies
  • Decides on new admissions
  • Sets budgets and financial policies
  • Carries out and promotes public relations with the UE and its Member States, as well as with other associations involved in road safety
  • Organizes workshops and conferences
  • Appoints the president, the vice president of the association and the general secretary
  • Appoints the members of the technical committee

The Technical Committee’s task is to propose scientific activities to be undertaken  and to manage their execution. They also designates Working Groups in order to develop specific projects.