Activities / Events

First Collegial Meeting

On October 4, 2023, the first official meeting of the Intoroads Association will be held.

It will be an opportunity for all members to share association goals 2023-2024 and to discuss priorities for action.

A look to the future, but focused on the present. In fact, it will also be an opportunity to illustrate to the participants the first results of the activities already initiated, and in particular on the impact test campaign aimed at providing indications on the behavior of modern passenger cars in relation to the EN1317 impact severity performance.

Finally, dates will be agreed upon for the election of the Intoroads governing bodies (The Board of Directors and the Technical Committee) and memberships for participation in the working groups will be opened.
The mission of IntOroads is to improve the safety of transportation infrastructure through studies and research aimed at acquiring new technical knowledge and promoting new regulations through the contribution and synergy of all market players: public administrations, road managers, manufacturers, notified bodies and laboratories, research and engineering centers.

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